The Adventures of Captain Stanley Scuggs is a graphic novel I'm creating. I'm using Blender to create all objects such as characters, ships, landscapes, weapons, interior sets and other objects.

I'm using the Gimp for textures and any other 2d art that I need.

All of the applications I'm using are free and open source including my operating system which is Ubuntu Linux. The links page has links to all the apps I'm using.

When issue #1 is ready it will be available on as both a printed book and a pdf file that you can download. I haven't decided on prices yet but the pdf will be much cheaper than the print version. They will both be full color but I'm thinking about doing a black and white version of the printed book which would be a little cheaper than the full color book.

While this story is science fiction I intend to keep it as scientifically plausible as possible which means that some of the most common technologies of sci-fi will be missing. One of those technologies is artificial gravity, there are no plausible theories that propose a method of producing gravity as in most sci-fi. There are only two practical ways to simulate gravity on board a spaceship, centrifugal force through rotation and linear acceleration. I will make use of both methods however it would not be practical to use both methods on the same ship.

Another popular tech would be faster than light drives that allow ships to reach distant systems in a few days or even hours, while the laws of physics do not rule out the possibility of traveling to other solar systems in a reasonable period of time the technology is not likely to exist with in the time line of my story. Most of my ships will use VASIMR engines which are being developed now and will be able to accelerate at a rate that would produce 1g and reach Mars from Earth in a few days.

I will update the information on this page regarding technology over time.


Enough technical stuff lets get to the story. It takes place in the year 2130, both the Moon and Mars have been colonized and there are several dozen large space stations and an unknown number of smaller stations throughout the solar system. Many of the stations are located near the asteroid belt to support mining operations in the belt.

Although the ships of this time are much faster than what we have now intergalactic travel is still not possible. Capt.Stanley Scuggs is the captain of one of these ships, a cruiser named the Nathan Hale in the service of the Earth Trade Union. The ETU was established a few years after mining operations began off planet as an intermediary between Earth and the mining companies. Initially it was a strictly civilian organization, however when pirates began raiding mining and supply ships several military officers from various countries were assigned to the ETU to command a fleet of combat vessels in order to provide protection for the transports. Eventually the fleet became a permanent division of the ETU.

At first the Mars colonies and the stations were glad to have the protection of the ETU, however when the ETU wanted to set up permanent bases on Mars and some of the stations the colonies protested. Even though the Mars colonies had started out as government financed projects they had been financially independent for over 30 years so they decided it was time to be politically independent as well. While the politicians are debating the issue the colonies are allowing the ETU to use an orbiting station as a temporary base.

The stations are another mater entirely. While most of the largest stations are owned by corporations several large stations and nearly all the smaller stations are claimed as property by various governments. With the political and financial help of the corporate owned stations and the Mining Union the other stations have been fighting a legal battle for their own independence, they also refitted a number of ships with weapons so they could deal with the pirates on their own. While the legal battle went back and forth for over a year it was beginning to look like the stations would win. Then on August 5th 2127 the ETU Command Center received a transmission from the assault frigate Boston claiming they were being attacked by the Wicked Lady a station owned ship. A short time later they signaled that they had destroyed the Wicked Lady and were setting course for Mars station for repairs.

According to the Mining Union the Wicked Lady had just completed an escort mission and was returning to base. The last transmission from the Wicked Lady was made only a few minutes before the ETU claims the battle began and they had reported no problems. Over the next few days tension grew between the ETU and the Mining Union. On August 9th ETU Command Center lost contact with the Boston while it was on a routine patrol, two days later debris from a ship was found near the Bostons last known location. It was assumed that whoever attacked the Boston towed it away. On August 10th the ETU and the Mining Union declared war on each other.

The war has lasted three years now and all attempts at reaching a truce have failed. The ETU insists that the Mining Union surrender their entire military fleet and the Mining Union will accept nothing less than complete independence for the stations. The ETU could have a great advantage over the Mining Union if they were allowed to blockade their shipments, the problem is the businesses that they represent are dependent on those shipments.

That's the back story which brings us up to the events of issue #1. Overtime I will be adding images of ships, characters and locations from the project to the database page along with information about them.